Development of methods for the capture of the nanometric powders from the industrial gaseous emissions

Nanopowders, nanoparticles, nanotechnologies
Environmental technologies, electrofilter

This project is dilling with the capture of the nanometric sized powders from industrial gaseous emissions from siderurgical and metallurgical industries, and their recovery in various applications. As it is known, the filtering of powders from gaseous emissions from the metallurgical industries are performed in a certain extent, (according with actual requirements), so  that the concentration of powders have to be less than 50 mg/Nm3. The problem of nanopowders (<100 nm) contained in these gaseous emissions is increasing in the world, since this kind of particles, once inhaled, are absorbed very rapidly in the blood stream, and they cannot be removed (the macrophage cells cannot identify particles less than 70 nm). Since last year a very serious alert was pointed out regarding the danger represented by this kind of particles (they are potentially cancerigen, as is specified in British Royal Academy from 2004). The filtering equipements from industry cannot capture the particles less than one micron in a very large extent. Although submicron particles are in small massic proportion, the number of this particles is 4 orders of magnitude larger than the number of all others particles.